SEIBAN Randoseru ランドセル

Nervous and anxious? Fret not because we are here to help and get you through the perplexity on this special head start!  

One of the essential supplies needed is no doubt an ergonomic and functional backpack to store their necessities such as textbooks, water bottle and stationeries. Purchasing a backpack for your little one can be quite challenging as we tend to evaluate our choices extensively.  

Here in Jeep Sing Fashion, we are proud to announce that we are the official distributor of SEIBAN, Japan’s leading manufacturer of child-friendly design and high-quality backpacks. They are made to last through the full 6 years of elementary school journey due to their extensive functionalities which are designed with the consideration of every child in mind. This is because SEIBAN is focused on its manufacturing technologies and capabilities ever since its founding year dating back to 1919 and this holds a rich history in the Japanese community.   

What exactly are these functions that makes the SEIBAN’s Randoseru (ランドセル) backpack so special? Let us break it down for you in a nutshell.  

1. In-built “Tenshinohane (Angel’s Wings)” 
FUNCTION | Randsel Bachpacks Seiban

 Source: SEIBAN

‘’Tenshinohane’’ - is a Japanese term or translation for the ‘Angel’s Wings’ where the backpack allows for extra support and do not place heavy load on children. When it comes to carrying textbooks, the load gets heavier on their shoulders and would gradually pose negative impacts on children’s posture growth and development. With the in-built ‘’Tenshinohane’’ (‘Angel’s Wings’) at the shoulder belts, the heavy load gets dispersed and the ‘Sekan’ parts that connects the shoulder belts together prevent the shoulder belts from being misaligned or appear wobbly whenever the children are moving actively. Therefore, the backpack’s soft cushion clings to their shoulders and back gently instead of having the bag load to be lowered where it puts more weight on their spine.  

2. Tafukaru Plate 
A Variety of Features to Prevent Losing Shape

 Source: SEIBAN

To keep the backpack in shape, a double-ply ‘’Tough Karu Plate’’ is installed to provide a sturdy and durable structure. The double-layered structure forms a 3-sided shape to support the main body of the bag. This also prevents the interior compartments from losing their shape when children attempt to take their materials out of the Randoseru backpacks as this process might be prone to damages such as the scraping of surfaces on the concrete floors. The Randoseru backpack is constructed in such a way that it is scratch resistant due to the artificial leather utilised that has undergone many processes such as washing, drying and coating.  

The quality is assured by many which are essentially one of the main characteristics of SEIBAN’s brand promise to have their backpacks to last at least 6 years, bringing your little one through every milestone in his/her Primary school journey.   


3. 360° Reflective Indicators  

 Source: SEIBAN

SEIBAN’s design features are no doubt fascinating and never fails to provide parents with a peace of mind, especially concerning the safety of young children. Whenever your little one is commuting in the public whether from school or supplementary tuition classes, parents tend to be worried about them walking alone along the streets or sidewalks in dark and secluded areas. As such, the reflective indicators installed on all sides of the bag are to signal the attention of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians whenever there are children crossing the traffic.  


Getting an ergonomic backpack for your child is indeed an investment and requires a considerable amount of time to understand and evaluate the choices available in the market. Identifying what is best for your child is often the key criteria when it comes to being the decision maker in the purchase. Other than having it to be lightweight and durable, there are many aspects as to how a school bag can be manufactured and what’s more than having one that integrates advanced built-in features for a peaceful mindset as well as reaping health benefits for your child? That is simply the best of both worlds and brings smiles to families and children, as mentioned in SEIBAN’s motto.  

Photo by Evgenyatamanenko on Dreamstime

The Randoseru backpack is now available in both our retail and online sales channels with a wide array of colours restocked, items are sold on a while stock lasts basis. Here are some of the colours available: 

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