Looking for School uniforms ITQ, corporate uniforms procurement and sourcing? We offer a comprehensive solution for all of your school uniforms ITQ, corporate uniforms procurement, and sourcing needs.

We specialize in serving esteemed clients such as statutory boards, government ministries, and agencies, with an unwavering dedication to school uniforms.

What sets us apart is our comprehensive range of services, offering a seamless experience from design and image consultation to manufacturing, supply, and retail solutions.

We are equipped to provide you with professional opinions to help you achieve on your desired product specifications. These include finding and advising on materials which are suitable for Singapore’s weather. 

With two cutting-edge production facilities, we ensure excellence in every aspect of our operations. Our Ang Mo Kio Techplace 1 (Singapore) facility is specifically designed for high-end activities like designing, tailoring, pattern making, and concept planning. Additionally, it houses our retail outlet for convenient direct sales. On the other hand, our China factory is optimized for mass production and contract manufacturing, catering to renowned international brands.

We launched our eCommerce website in the year 2000 as a first uniforms online eCommerce store. Subsequently we revamped and improved, our new eCommerce platform Jeepsinguniform.com was launched in 2014. We have transformed the traditional process of purchasing at retail uniform stores into a convenient and fast experience for our customers. Being a pioneer in the uniforms eCommerce industry, we faced numerous challenges when it came to developing processes as well as scaling up operations which we have learnt and improved our processes since then. Through our innovation processes, which others has since followed, this has led to new industry practices for the benefit of all customers and improved convenience.

As a direct manufacturer, we maintain full control over the quality of our products, streamlining production processes and ensuring prompt delivery. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to accommodate ad hoc orders and provide personalized tailoring for odd sizes. With over 60 years of expertise as a uniform specialist, we guarantee the delivery of top-notch products and professional, reliable services.

Established in 1963, our company has come a long way from its humble beginnings at a market stall in Kovan. Today, we owe our success to the unwavering support of our loyal customers. At the core of our philosophy is the motto "Jeep Sing," which translates to "New Everyday" in Chinese. It embodies our founder's simple belief that our customers deserve smart and comfortable uniforms for their everyday lives. Our meticulously tailored uniforms, crafted with superior workmanship and durable materials, are available at affordable prices.

Join us and experience the excellence that has defined us for decades, contact us today to learn more about our school uniforms and corporate uniforms. We would be happy to work with you for all your apparel needs.

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Our team of experts can help you with all of your school uniforms ITQ, corporate uniforms procurement, and sourcing needs. From sourcing of rare and delicate materials to customizable apparel.

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Easy to order, fast delivery

I ordered uniform and shoes online for my child and they were delivered in 5 days. The shoe measurement reference is accurate. Used existing uniform to estimate the size.

Delivery is fast but shoe sizes are wrong

The shoe size listed are wrong. I bought size 36 online, which is actually just 34 or 35 size at most.

Good services

Speed delivery and good quality

Fast response and delivery

Package reach on time.

AGPS uniform

As always, fast delivery. appreciate it. and highly recommended

Excellent Bag

It is worth every cent to invest in this school bag which is made to last for years. It is sturdy, hassle free in putting in out of books and most importantly the bag straps fit snugly to my child’s shoulder. The ergonomic aspect of this school bag itself worth the money. Will buy another one when my other children go to P1

Delivery time and service was excellent but size was inaccurate according to size guide I ordered according to measurements size it is too Small I need to exchange . But I don’t how is possible! Need your help please thank you 🙏


White School Shoes - Velcro


SKSS Skirt
Neo T.H.

SKSS Skirt

Fuss Free Buying Uniforms Anytime

Easy buy uniforms online. No need q or go to location. Very time consuming and convenient for working parents.

Accurate sizing and comfortable material!

Very accurate sizing and cooling material! My child enjoys weating them!

MOE Kindergarten Skorts (Girl)

Metta PE T-Shirt 2022

MOE Kindergarten Shorts (Boy)

HSCS Drift PE Tee
Christina N.

HSCS Drift PE Tee

Black School Shoes - Velcro

white socks grey bottom

Grey bottom is good as we cant see dirt stain, just that it should be slightly thicker in material.

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