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Randoseru Wall

    "Angel's Wing" shoulder belt: 

    helps to disperse the weight load of the bag

    D Layered Cushion Foam

    Supports your back softly and firmly

    Tafukaru plate

    Tough and Light Plate that helps randoseru maintain its shape.

    Reflective Sheet

    the reflective material helps keep children visible to cars in the night or rainy day.

    Randoseru can withstand heavy weights

    Designed for 6 years of primary school life.

    Each randoseru is handcrafted with premium bespoke materials in Osaka, every couple of years new incremental features and technology are added to new randoseru.

    Made In Japan Quality 100+ years of Japanese manufacturing

    Randoseru are held to strict quality assurance checks and rigorous research and development to ensure ergonomics design.

    Awarded the Guinness Book of Records in 1993

    For the lightest Randsel/Randoseru at that time.

    Product features

    Randoseru are made with high-quality synthetic leather Clarino that is light, durable and water resistant.

    • "Angel's Wing" shoulder belt: helps to disperse the weight load of the bag
    • Dual layered structure with high and low resistance memory foam material.
    • D layered cushion: Supports your back softly and firmly
    • Style keeper Tough and light plate: helps to maintain the contents placed inside of the randoseru.
    • Reflective sheet: the reflective material helps keep children visible to cars in the night or rainy day.
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