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Randoseru ランドセル are specially crafted to provide your child with a enjoyable and comfortable school experience. Each randoseru are hand crafted by skilled craftsman with decades of experiences. The Randoseru (ランドセル) backpacks are carefully designed to last the entire six years of primary school. 

Experience the luxury of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the Navy Pink Randoseru. Handmade with the highest quality materials and attention to detail, this Randoseru delivers exceptional strength and durability. Make a statement in style - and support a timeless, cultural tradition.

Designed with child-friendly features that are reliable, light, ergonomic and easy to use.

Read more about Randoseru backpacks here.

Product features

  • "Angel's Wing" shoulder belt: helps to disperse the weight load of the bag
  • Dual layered structure with high and low resistance memory foam material.
  • D layered cushion: Supports your back softly and firmly
  • Style keeper Tough and light plate: helps to maintain the contents placed inside of the randoseru.
  • Reflective sheet: the reflective material helps keep children visible to cars in the night or rainy day.

The Seiban brand was founded in 1919 in Osaka, Japan. Jeep Sing Fashion is Seiban's official Singapore distributor.

Randoseru are made with high-quality synthetic leather Clarino that is light, durable and water resistant.

Original Japanese Randoseru (ランドセル) backpack. 




私たちのランドセルは、デザインがとてもかわいいだけでなく、優れた品質と耐久性を備えています。このスクールバッグは、撥水性能の高い人工皮革を使用しており、雨の日でも安心してお使いいただけます。また、収納スペースがたくさんあり、必要なものがすべて入ります。さらに、強度の高い素材を使用しているため、長期間使用しても破れにくいです。他のスクールバッグとは一線を画していますので、ぜひ一度お試しください。ランドセル! この優れたスクールバッグを手に入れるために、今すぐオンラインで注文してください


Made in Japan.

Randoseru Technology


Bag Features

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Syakeer R.
Loved the rosenderu purchased!

We wanted to get a pair in Japan but they were made to order and could not ship to SG. Thanks to Jeep Fashion for bringing into SG for our kids! Loved the bags bought and we will surely patronise your shop again!

Eu C.p.
Excellent Bag

It is worth every cent to invest in this school bag which is made to last for years. It is sturdy, hassle free in putting in out of books and most importantly the bag straps fit snugly to my child’s shoulder. The ergonomic aspect of this school bag itself worth the money. Will buy another one when my other children go to P1

Bag Functions

"Angel's Wing" shoulder belt: helps to disperse the weight load of the bag.

Dual layered structure with high and low resistance memory foam material.

D layered cushion: Supports your back softly and firmly

Style keeper: Tough and light plate: the plate

Reflective sheet: the reflective material helps keep children visible to cars in the night or rainy day.

Water Resistant to rain and water.

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