Flatlay Randoseru


Featuring the original Japanese Randoseru (ランドセル) also known as Randsel School bags.

Randoseru are specially crafted to provide your child with a enjoyable and comfortable school experience. Each randoseru are hand crafted by skilled craftsman with decades of experiences. The randoseru is a glimpse into the Japanese culture for balance and perfection.

The randoseru backpacks are designed to last the entire six years of primary school. Designed with child-friendly features that are reliable, light, ergonomic and easy to use.

Randoseru Flat lay


D Layered Cushion

Supports your back softly and firmly

Dual Layered Structure Using high and low resistance materials

Dual Layered Structure

Using high and low resistance materials

"Tafukaru" Plate

To keep the backpack in shape, a double-ply ‘’Tough Karu Plate’’ is installed to provide a sturdy and durable structure. 

A Style Keeper

Tough deformation preventative resin and wire reinforcement are used at opening to prevent scuffing and loss of shape even if it is used heavily.

Reflective sheet

Reflective Sheet

Reflective indicators are installed on all faced and it helps keep children visible to cars during dark night or rainy days. Learn More.

Angel Wings Shoulder belt

"Angel Wings" Shoulder Belt

The bottom of the shoulder belts of the Randoseru Bag are brought up to disperse the heaviness of the content. This allows for extra support and do not place heavy load on the child. Learn More.

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